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Azure Service Bus Message Pump

Azure Service Bus Message Pump will perform all the plumbing that is required for processing queues & topics:

As a user, the only thing you have to do is focus on processing messages, not how to get them.

You can do this by creating a message handler which derives from AzureServiceBusMessagePump<TMessage>

Here is an example of a message handler that expects messages of type Order:

public class OrdersMessageHandler : AzureServiceBusMessagePump<Order>
    public OrdersMessageHandler(IConfiguration configuration, IServiceProvider serviceProvider, ILogger<OrdersMessageHandler> logger)
        : base(configuration, serviceProvider, logger)

    protected override async Task ProcessMessageAsync(Order orderMessage, AzureServiceBusMessageContext messageContext, MessageCorrelationInfo correlationInfo, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
        Logger.LogInformation("Processing order {OrderId} for {OrderAmount} units of {OrderArticle} bought by {CustomerFirstName} {CustomerLastName}", orderMessage.Id, orderMessage.Amount, orderMessage.ArticleNumber, orderMessage.Customer.FirstName, orderMessage.Customer.LastName);

        // Custom logic

        Logger.LogInformation("Order {OrderId} processed", orderMessage.Id);

As of today, the message handler is tightly coupled to the broker but overtime they will be decoupled.

Over time you’ll be able to:


Once the message handler is created, you can very easily configure it:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // Add Service Bus Queue message pump and use OrdersMessageHandler to process the messages
    // ISecretProvider will be used to lookup the connection string scoped to the queue for secret ARCUS_SERVICEBUS_ORDERS_CONNECTIONSTRING

    // Add Service Bus Topic message pump and use OrdersMessageHandler to process the messages on the 'My-Subscription-Prefix' prefix subscription
    // ISecretProvider will be used to lookup the connection string scoped to the queue for secret ARCUS_SERVICEBUS_ORDERS_CONNECTIONSTRING
    services.AddServiceBusTopicMessagePump<OrdersMessageHandler>("My-Subscription-Prefix", "ARCUS_SERVICEBUS_ORDERS_CONNECTIONSTRING");

In this example, we are using the Azure Service Bus message pump to process a queue and a topic and use the connection string stored in the ARCUS_SERVICEBUS_ORDERS_CONNECTIONSTRING connection string.

We support connection strings that are scoped on the Service Bus namespace and entity allowing you to choose the required security model for your applications. If you are using namespace-scoped connection strings you’ll have to pass your queue/topic name as well.

Customized Configuration

Next to that, we provide a variety of overloads to allow you to:

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // Specify the name of the Service Bus Queue:

    // Specify the name of the Service Bus Topic, and provide a prefix for the Topic subscription:

        options => 
            // Indicate whether or not messages should be automatically marked as completed 
            // if no exceptions occured andprocessing has finished (default: true).
            options.AutoComplete = true;

            // The amount of concurrent calls to process messages 
            // (default: null, leading to the defaults of the Azure Service Bus SDK message handler options).
            options.MaxConcurrentCalls = 5;

            // The unique identifier for this background job to distinguish 
            // this job instance in a multi-instance deployment (default: guid).
            options.JobId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();

            // Indicate whether or not a new Azure Service Bus Topic subscription should be created/deleted
            // when the message pump starts/stops (default: CreateOnStart & DeleteOnStop).
            options.TopicSubscription = TopicSubscription.CreateOnStart | TopicSubscription.DeleteOnStop;

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